The Glass Art of Eryc Courmac

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I'd be happy to recreate any of the pieces you see here, or discuss an original idea.

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Egypt is an ancient land of mystery with many more than a handful of Gods. I was inspired by an image in a children's coloring book to depict one of the Egyptian Gods; the Sun God Ra. I used some deeply textured clear glass to contrast the smooth glass used in the sun and the pyramids. I also used Dichroic glass cabochans, which are small round pieces of glass, treated in the manufacturing process to give them a metallic colored shine. The edges are beveled rectangles of leaded glass, which give the piece a diamond sparkle. I created this piece using the "Tiffany" method, which uses copper foil to line each piece of glass, and then solder to hold them together. I finished the piece with an oak frame that I painted black enamel, which gives it a high gloss. Hang this piece in your home and welcome the light and warmth that Ra represents!