The Glass Art of Eryc Courmac

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I'd be happy to recreate any of the pieces you see here, or discuss an original idea.

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The history of fused glass goes all the way back to sailors lighting fires in the sand on the coast of what is now modern-day Lebanon. Fused glass is simply glass that has been heated to a high temporature in a kiln. Depending on the temperature (upwards of 1500F!) you can attach one or more pieces on top of each other while each piece retains it's shape, or combine one or more pieces to form a fully flat piece color. Slumped glass is applying just enough heat in a kiln to have it sink into or over a mold to form a new shape, such as a plate, bowl, or candleholder. All of my fused and slumped glass pieces are lead-free and food safe. I have a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors available, both in-stock and custom-order. Samples of my work are below. Fused glass art is the perfect gift for yourself or, if you're the generous sort, for someone else!


Serving dish, three color, clear red center


Plate, fluted edge


Small serving tray, two color with clear


Candle plates with matching coasters, two color


Shallow bowl, two color clear


Purse magnets

Coasters with bubbles and crosshatch


Small oval corn plate, two color with clear


Round pasta bowl, two color with clear


Candle Dish, four color


Candle Dish, two color striped


Finger bowls, various colors


Purse magnets

Apple suncatcher with crystals


Purse magnets

Fridge purse magnets



Sunflower sun catcher with crystals


House number plaque, various sizes/colors/designs


Custom Small guitar


Custom Gleamcatcher


Custom Fleur de lis


Custom plate