The Glass Art of Eryc Courmac

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I'd be happy to recreate any of the pieces you see here, or discuss an original idea.


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Runes are the alphabet of various Germanic languages pre-Latin alphabet, and date back to 150AD. The Elder Futhark (the first of the Runes, named for the first six letters) was probably created around the 1st century, and used from the 2nd to the 8th centuries. Runes were used for basic communication, but also as magical signs to be used for charms. The name "rune" itself, means "secret, something hidden". Runes speak to me, and transport me back to a time where words and objects might hold real power. When I create a rune, I try to match the colors I use to the runes' element: Air, Earth, Fire, water. Below is a sampling of the different runes I felt call to me at different points in my life. Other runes are available to meet your spiritual needs. Place your runes where you need a little extra energy.


Elhaz (Algiz) is the rune for Protection. At a time when I was living in a section of town where break-ins were common, the Elk rune gave me a sense of comfort when I would worry at night. Place it by a window near your front or back door.


Sowulo is the Sun rune. Not only for light, the sun can provide clarity on things with hidden meaning. When I was in school and having trouble, I would step outside, close my eyes, and feel the sun, and allow it to warm me and clear my mind. Use in your study, or home office.


Thurisaz is the rune for Thorn. It is another protection rune that warns of possible change, and allows for passive resistance of unwanted conflicts. In (distant) past relationships, I could look to Thorn, the Giant rune, and I would always find a way to ward off any coming storms. Hang it in your living room.


Wunjo is Joy! It shows there is balance in all things in our chaotic world. Also the rune of fellowship, common goals, and well being. Wunjo is a constant in my life, and it keeps me optimistic. Put one anywhere to remind you that good news is coming!