The Glass Art of Eryc Courmac

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I'd be happy to recreate any of the pieces you see here, or discuss an original idea.


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My homage to one of my favorite TV shows. "Firefly" was cancelled years ago, but lives on through it's fans. I used multiple textures in the three shades of gray in the ship to make it stand out from the blue backdrop of outer space. The milky-white glass has a texture reminiscent of craters in a moon or planet. The solar panels are light blue, the engine is yellow, and the windows, of course, are clear, with an iridescent shine. The edges are beveled rectangles of leaded glass, which give the piece a diamond sparkle. I created this piece using the "Tiffany" method, which uses copper foil to line each piece of glass, and then solder to hold them together. I finished the piece with an oak frame that I waterstained blue, with waterstained black corners. Glass art: An amazingly fun way to let your geek-flag fly!